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JumpGo provides a simple interface across multiple platforms. Open source and free to use.

What makes JumpGo a browser
I want?

JumpGo is a product comlpetely devoted to bringing you the power of the internet at a fast pace and with reliability.

Developed with you in mind

JumpGo was designed and developed with you, the user, in mind. We took care to learn what people want most in a simple web browser durring every part of the development proccess.

Speed and Power

JumpGo for Windows utilizes the GeckoFX engine and XULRunner from Mozilla to bring the pages you need to your pc faster. Being based on the Lightning Browser, JumpGo for Android runs an instance of the Android system webview without the added bloatware of other browsers on Android

Five Years and Counting

The JumpGo Project was started five years ago in 2011 and is now ready for the world to see what's been brewing!

The JumpGo

The JumpGo Project, as we've dubbed it, is our project family for the variety of applications that carry the JumpGo name.


Creative Design/

We devoted a great deal of time and energy to designing an app that stays consistant across device platforms and provides a steady experience for each user.

Modern Look/

JumpGo utilizes the most up-to-date design guidlines for all supported platforms. JumpGo for Android and ChromeOS use Google's Material Design, whereas JumpGo for Windows uses both Windows Desktop and Metro design elements, etc...


The plugin api for JumpGo is still a work-in-progress but we're almost ready to push it to JumpGo on Windows.

/Available on Windows

JumpGo for Windows has been under active development since 2011 and is still going strong today!


/Available on Android

Development of JumpGo for Android began in 2015 and it was a rough start. After scrapping our first atempt we decided to fork a pre-existing Android app, Lightning, and build off it.

/Open Source

The JumpGo Project has recently open sourced JumpGo for Windows and now all apps under The JumpGo Project are open source.

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Downloading JumpGo is fast, free and easy! Just scroll down and click on your OS to download the appropriate version of JG.

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JumpGo can be downloaded and installed on your favorite platform!

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